Solid Roots

A stepping stone on the path to RECOVERY, Solid Roots is a transitional employment program for individuals new in recovery to gain employment skills experience at Enlightened Farm. This is an opportunity for individuals in sober living to regain employment through stable income, fellowship, job training, skill acquisition and work ethic in environmental stewardship.

·       Value: members earn revenue while feeling a sense of community and accomplishment as they watch their work blossom.

·       Skills: good earth farming practices, composting, plant identification, tending to different crops, seeding, weeding, harvesting, product making, customer service, and farming throughout the seasons

·       Specialty Skills: natural beekeeping, herbalism, loose leaf tea making, preservation and product making, and woodworking

·       Long-term Wellness: communication, working together, self-discovery, developing personal passions, appreciation for the living, food literacy and access, responsibility, and accountability.

·       CommUNITY: members tap into their recovery community and support to build resilience and healthy relationships with their co-workers.


The Solid Roots Employment Program financial structure is as follows:

·       Solid Roots Employment Program costs $245 per week.  This fee is typically supported by loved ones of those in the program and also through fundraising support. Simply, the more money we raise for this program, the more people we are able to help.

·       Solid Roots Employee is employed by The Hansen Foundation. The employee is required to work 20 hours per week at The Enlightened Farm and is paid $245 a week directly.

·       The $245 per week income covers the resident’s housing fee of $180 per week and provides a remaining $65 of living expense money.

·       The Solid Roots Employment Program duration is approximately 4-6 week and is assessed on an individual basis.


All in recovery are encouraged to apply with no clean time requirements.  Must pass a pre employment drug and alcohol screen and submit  to random tests to ensure ongoing employment.

Enlightened Employment Skill Training

For those further down the path of RECOVERY, and based on availability, we offer on-the-job training at Recovery Renovations, our construction/maintenance crew . These positions are limited and open on a need basis.  Each promote long-term wellness by teaching the skills of communication, working together, self-discovery, developing personal passions, appreciation for the living, skill-based empowerment and access, responsibility, and accountability.  These opportunities also offer individuals the chance to learn about skills they would like to turn into a career. The Hansen Foundation partners with numerous community employers who hire our residents transitioning back into the workforce after treatment and sober living.  These employers share the same philosophy in employment training as The Hansen Foundation.   All individuals in recovery are encouraged to apply with zero clean time requirements.  All must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screen and submit  to random tests to ensure ongoing employment.

Recovery Renovations Employment Program 

A progressive and individualized program of construction related skill acquisition for those in recovery and in sober living.  Participants are actively working on construction sites while learning accountability, teamwork, as well as skill acquisition in focused construction areas and project management.  Individuals  develop personal interests in the construction field; eventually moving on to full time work within a specialized trade including union placement.

·       Value: members earn revenue and gain resume building skills to transition into a specialized trade in the construction business.

·       Skills: exposure to construction practices while working with a general contractor and subcontractors supporting growth toward a specialized construction related career.

·       Specialty Skills: Carpentry, tiling, countertop design and installation, plumbing, demo work, electrical, plumbing, painting, landscaping, and maintenance as well as industry certifications.