The Hansen Foundation embraces RECOVERY, for those who suffer from substance use disorders, their families and friends.  The Hansen Foundation Residences, Serenity Estates and Serenity Houses, provide affordable, long-term, comfortable recovery residences and necessary recovery support to assist those in recovery facing overwhelming obstacles. In conjunction with the housing entity, The Hansen Foundation also operates Enlightened Farm, nonprofit organic farm cultivating a sustainable and healing environment for all, and The Hansen Foundation Resource Center offering a variety of programs to help individuals in recovery plan, create, invent, improve life skills and make things happen in their lives.


Transforming humanity one person at a time, one day at a time


The Hansen Foundation’s VISION is to be enlightened by transforming the body, mind, and spirit for sustainable recovery and wellness.



The Hansen Foundation story begins with Jennifer Hasen’s recovery.  When life seemed hopeless after years of several attempts at rehabilitation, at age 25 Jennifer finally entered a women’s transitional facility in California where she began to gather the tools she needed to live without drugs.  Jennifer stayed in California for over two years while working and participating in 12-step recovery before returning to New Jersey.

Upon return to her hometown in the Atlantic City area, Jennifer saw the void in resources in New Jersey for people to recover long term and began on her mission to give others the tools and opportunities that made her recovery possible.  In 1999, Hansen Foundation was formed and since then, she has opened beds for those seeking recovery with the Hansen Houses, Serenity Houses and Serenity Estates.

Drug free since March 3, 1996, Jennifer is now 25+ years clean.  Through establishing The Hansen Foundation in 1999, she has continued her efforts to help those in need.

Jennifer used to say, “Why Me??? Why did I have to be an addict?” Now she knows. “Some of us have to get down in the hole and learn how to get out so that we can show others. Every step I took along the way was God leading me. The best feeling ever is when someone comes up to me and says, ‘that house saved my life, thank you so much for giving me a place to recover.’ There is nothing better than that.”

1999 The Hansen Foundation, Inc. was formed.
2004 Hansen House Halfway House for Men opened with 34 bed capacity
2005 Hansen House Halfway House for Women opened with 34 bed capacity
2006 Created Fundraiser – Annual Street Life Benefit Concert at Harrah’s raising approximately $40,000 per year to support those in need of recovery housing
2007 Serenity House for Women opened with 11 bed capacity
2008 Serenity Meadows for Women opened with 10 bed capacity
2012 Randy Scarborough House for Men opened with 12 bed capacity
2014 Serenity Rose House for Women opened with 11 bed capacity
2015 Serenity Estates opened the first luxury house for Women in NJ followed by 2 Serenity Estates Houses for Men in 2016 & 2017
2015 Michael’s Serenity House for Men in Ventnor with 11 bed capacity
2015 Jennifer Hansen founded the NJ affiliate of NARR (National Alliance of Recovery Residences) – NJARR – providing statewide quality standards for recovery residence operation
2016 Enlightened Farm was formed and started providing equine therapy, organic farming & job training and volunteer program
2018 Terri Burns & Tricia Wright, employees of The Hansen Foundation, were certified trainer of trainers for Certified Peer Recovery Specialists and began holding trainings.
2018 Serenity Beach House Ventnor opened for men with 11 bed capacity
2020 Bee Serenity Step-Down House for Women opened February 2020 with 11 bed capacity.  A new initiative for recovery housing, this Step-Down House is for individuals who are ready to move from a highly structured recovery house setting to a less structured environment having accomplished 6 months clean & sober. Bee Serenity Step-Down House for Men is scheduled to open in 2021 with a 11-bed capacity.