Recovery Community Support 

Many residents go from receiving intensive residential or daily substance use support to the opposite extreme of less clinical appointments with little recovery community support.  A safe, welcoming environment allows clients to access variety of programs to help individuals in recovery plan, create, invent, improve life skills and make things happen in their lives. The Hansen Foundation is a licensee for training for Certified Peer Recovery Specialists in Atlantic and Cape May County for Prevention is Key-CARES – the Center for Addiction Recovery Education Success. We provide the training that satisfies the educational requirement for the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) credential as determined by the Addiction Professionals Certification Board of New Jersey, Inc (APCBNJ).  The training, upon successful completion, provides trainees with the competency in the learning domains created by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) which include mentoring and education, advocacy and ethical responsibility.

Substance-Free Social/Community Environments 

The Hansen Foundation provides substance-free social and community-based events with safe environments to support those in recovery.  Isolation can be an obstacle to sustained sobriety, so it is imperative that those in recovery are able to learn a new way of having fun and enjoying life in substance-free ways.  We offer a combination of clinical and socially focused events/workshops that support recovery through education, stress management skills, holistic approaches to support recovery, social skills, and insight into ongoing knowledge acquisition to maintain sobriety.  


Employment Coaching 

Our staff assists with a variety of efforts to help housing residents find employment.   We work with the resident to identify their backgrounds, employment strengths and interests.  The staff assists with the creation of resumes, holding mock interviews, as well as transportation to job fairs and interviews.   

Job Training 

We offer on-job training with our construction/maintenance crew called Recovery Renovations. Our Solid Roots Employment program and various other positions provide individuals in recovery to work with consistent income so that they can develop their own roots and move with strength, confidence and skill to their next chapter in life. We also partner with several community employers who hire residents transitioning back into the workforce after treatment and sober living.  Additionally, our Recovery Renovations teaches residents construction skills as they renovate and maintain our houses.


Care Navigation Services 

The Hansen Foundation Resource Center Staff are dedicated to navigating our clients with resources for integrated care.  Our goal is to assist people in identifying and overcoming barriers to care; this can include connecting anyone to basic medical and dental care as well as to resources for mental wellness, chronic and serious medical conditions and treatment.   


Resident Advocacy 

Many residents enter treatment and sober living with pending legal issues adding to the complexity of creating a foundation of recovery.  At The Hansen Foundation, we know how to hold the hand of the resident to help them work within the legal system while they clear up issues from their past.  


Community Partnership 

The Hansen Foundation also works with local and recovery community partners to strengthen our support network.  By offering a strong network of partners that enhance our path, we can help our clients better connect with other forms of support to avoid relapse. 


Recovery and Housing Scholarship Funds 

The Hansen Foundation provides support to those who desire recovery from addiction, however financial barriers sometimes limit those from seeking the help or maintaining successful sobriety.  Scholarships for treatment and housing breakdown those barriers.  Since 2016, our combined fundraising efforts have provided scholarships for 339 people seeking to change their lives.