Hansen Foundation COVID-19 Response

Our 10 Serenity Houses are going strong and giving support more than ever during these fragile times. After all, Serenity Houses are recovery homes to over 100 people, some living with us for up to 18 months with hope for a productive future.

Supporting our residents provides access to:

  • Housing
  • Peer Recovery
  • Substance-Free Community Environment
  • Employment Coaching
  • Job Opportunities
  • Care Navigation Services
  • Legal Advocacy

COVID-19 has affected resident’s ability to attend recovery meetings which are vital to sustained recovery.  Our staff has been going into housing bringing 12-step and Refuge Recovery meetings to maintain recovery programs.  In a paralyzing, fearful time for many residents, we are giving support to residents with quarantine house events to create a level of social connectedness…so necessary in one’s recovery path.  Staff has been bringing food in accompanied by healthy recipes and teaching wellness cooking skills.  For some residents, food money is non-existent at this time, so a supplemental meal is appreciated.

There is nothing better than seeing our residents and staff turn the music on while preparing and eating a healthy meal together.

Most of our residents are experiencing a lack of work.   Some do not qualify for unemployment like many in the country because they don’t have a recent, long-term work history.  The combination of financial uncertainty and the beginning stages of recovery for many can present a fragile situation in which relapse may present itself.

We are so proud of our team of staff members who continue to provide mental and emotional support to residents all the while teaching that hardship can be navigated with determination, commitment to recovery and finding joy in moments of crisis.