Serenity House is structured sober living with houses run by staff in recovery.   Staff is available 24 hours a day to provide peer to peer recovery support and assist residents to get back in the swing of life without using substances. Serenity House has a 12-step philosophy, which means residents are required to attend meetings.  Residents are expected to attend six 12-step meetings a week when not working and four 12-step meetings a week once employed.  All Serenity House residents are committed to having a 12-step home group and sponsor within two weeks of entering the house and are expected to maintain an active relationship with that sponsor, including writing on step work.   Residents are held accountable for meeting attendance, progress in step-work and a weekly goal at a mandatory house meeting.  Drug tests are given randomly and any resident with a positive drug screen is automatically discharged to protect the safety and recovery of the house.  We always help transition residents to a safe environment in these situations and emergency contacts are notified.  Serenity House residents have a nightly curfew and earn overnight privileges after goals in the house are met.

Residents living at Serenity Houses are expected to work full-time, go to school or volunteer. They are responsible for transporting themselves to and from work.  All of our houses are very close to public transportation and residents may have their own car. Residents do all of their own food shopping and prepare their own meals in our well-appointed kitchens. Chores are rotated weekly among residents and each person is responsible to keep their space clean. Washers and dryers are supplied in each house and all cleaning supplies are provided. A house phone, computer and printer is available to all residents to write resumes and to facilitate their job search.  Serenity House staff can assist residents with transportation to the grocery store, job searching, medical appointments and other services necessary to improve quality of life.

Named in memory of Matthew Bee is our Bee Serenity Step-Down Houses, residents enter into a less structured living environment.  With less checks and balances and more freedom, residents acclimate to more independent recovery living while still in a safe recovery environment and either going to school or working toward their prior or new careers. These residents have obtained long-term recovery and sustained long-term employment.  Most have attained positions that are service related and require continued commitment in the community.  Most residents have transitioned from Serenity Houses and have at least 6 months in recovery. They have maintained employment, recovery, and rent. At Bee Serenity residents self-monitor yet have staff available if needed. They are still responsible to remain drug/alcohol free and have random drug tests, attend 12-step meetings, have a weekly house meeting, pay rent, and do weekly chores.