Serenity Estates is a recovery residence that incorporates a holistic and 12 step philosophies towards treating the mind, body, and spirit. We work in collaboration with Enlightened Solution’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment center clients.  We are just steps from the beach in Atlantic City (Ventnor side) and the quaint North Beach section of Ventnor. Our home is very spacious and impeccably decorated. Serenity Estates prides itself on being the first premier recovery residence in New Jersey.

Fully staffed with Recovery Support Specialists, who provide first-hand experience, guidance, support, and accountability. All our staff are in recovery themselves and understand what the residents are going through. Our staff have at least 2 yrs. in recovery and some are alumni. 

Every night residents cook a healthy organic meal together, sitting as a family. At dinner they go around the table sharing one positive about their day and three things they are grateful for. Not only are they learning to cook and eat healthier they are also learning to focus and have conversations about the positive things happening in their lives now.  

Each night staff brings all the residents to 12-step meetings in our area. Also, attending recovery events on the weekends. We encourage sponsorship, finding a homegroup, and being involved in service. Also, residents will have their own weekly house meeting.  

Residents will go to the gym several times per week. Also, we utilize the beach for walks, yoga, volleyball, swimming, surfing, and frisbee. We have access to paddle boarding and tubing on the bay or nearby river.  

Residents are responsible for keeping their beds made, rooms clean, and various household chores. There is a cleaning service that comes in once a week. Keeping the house clean at all times is important to us. Residents take pride in keeping these beautiful homes clean. 

We supply all cleaning supplies (organic), linens, and organic food. No outside food is allowed. We have three 15 passenger vans providing transportation anywhere we go. 

On the weekends there is a variety of events we can do. Such as, recovery events, community events, golf, movies, hikes, basketball, beach, roller skating, and ice skating. We will take them to get haircuts or the nail salon, church, and the store.  Learning to have fun in recovery or finding their hobby is important