The Matthew Memorial Fund History

To honor Matthew’s memory, his family partnered with the Hansen Foundation to serve the recovery community in 2017.  Money raised goes directly towards client scholarships with matching funds from The Hansen Foundation to get the maximum benefit for those in need.


Money Raised


Scholarships Awarded


The Matthew Bee Memorial Fund and The Hansen Foundation partner and hold the first annual “Mocktails and Cocktails” event raising over $50,000.00 helping people access recovery housing and/or substance use disorder treatment.

Matthew Bee Memorial Fund also supports Angels in Motion (AIM by providing $1,000 to supply Blessing Bags to the homeless population in Atlantic City.  AIM is  a nonprofit dedicated to providing dignity, access to services, and hope to the homeless and addicted individuals.


The Second Annual “Mocktails and Cocktails” at Linwood Country Club hosts upwards of 400 people and raised $70,000 to battle addiction.

The First Annual “Ladies Night Paddle” Benefiting the Matthew Bee Memorial Fund raised over $6,200


The Third Annual “Mocktails and Cocktails” event raised over $100,000 and provided over 170 people with life changing treatment, sober living and resources by its third anniversary

The Matthew Bee Memorial Fund presented Angels in Motion with a check for $1,500 to help support their noble cause.

The Matthew Bee Memorial Fund donated $2,500 to Enlightened Farm’s Solid Roots Employment Program, which addresses one of the biggest issues we are facing with the addiction crisis: consistent income, so that they can develop their own roots and move with strength, confidence and skills to their next chapter in life.

The Second Annual “Ladies Night Paddle” benefitted the Matthew Bee Memorial Fund.


The Hansen Foundation’s Bee Serenity Step-Down House for Women opened February 2020 with 11-bed capacity.  Named in celebration of the work the Bee family has done in Matthew’s memory,  this Step-Down House is for individuals who are ready to move from a highly structured recovery house setting to a less structured environment having accomplished 6 months clean & sober. Bee Serenity Step-Down House for Men is scheduled to open in 2021 with a 11-bed capacity.

The first Annual “Matthew Bee Memorial Fund” Fluke Tournament fundraiser, held in September, raised more than $20,000 for the Matthew Bee Memorial Fund.


The fifth annual, Matthew Bee Foundation’s “Mocktails and Cocktails” event generously raised over $85,000 to help people fighting the disease of addition.

Other notable events, The Matthew Bee Fluke tournament and the Gather event during the summer of 2021 generated a combined $50,000 in contributions for the scholarships awarded to clients at Enlightened Solutions. The Hansen Foundation additionally allocated a total of $25,000 of its proceeds to Matthew Bee Foundation in 2021 from the 2021 Golf Tournament Event.

Overall, 64 scholarships were awarded in 2021 under the Matthew Bee Foundation.


On behalf of the Matthew Bee Memorial Fund, we thank you for your generous contribution to the 6th Annual Mocktails & Cocktails event hosted by Linwood Country Club.  Your generosity is crucial in fighting the staggering epidemic of Substance Use Disorder in our community.  The Matthew Bee Memorial Fund is a non-profit that relies on the benevolence of our donors.  To date, the Matthew Bee Memorial Fund has raised upwards of $700,000 and has given life-saving treatment to our scholarship recipients.   One hundred percent of your donations go directly to providing access to Medical Detox, Addiction, and Mental Health Treatment, Sober Living, and Intensive Outpatient Treatment.