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Tai Chi Beginner’s Class | 10.06.18 | Enlightened Cafe

October 6, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Beginner’s Class

Join us for this Beginner’s Tai Chi class at Enlightened Cafe. Patrick, from Heaven Man Earth International Arts, Philadelphia.

Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts is dedicated to teaching deep physical and spiritual release through the Arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Sifu Patrick Reece is an inner door disciple Sifu  Adam Mizner of Phuket Thailand.

Let us know if you can make it!

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“Tai chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic, it is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process.” – Chungliang Al Huang

Enlightened Cafe

Enlightened Cafe is an all-organic, non GMO restaurant with a holistic mindset. Working under the Hansen Foundation, Enlightened Cafe is a non-profit organization supporting the Foundation’s mission.

What is the mission?

The Hansen Foundation’s overall purpose is to raise funds for philanthropic purposes. Particularly, we aim to help those recovering from addiction by helping those in need to access treatment and provide sober living.

The Hansen Foundation owns Serenity Houses, long-term recovery residences in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The Serenity House staff treats all residents as individuals – each with unique lives. More importantly, they provide them with the tools and skills they need to maintain productive lives in recovery.

Who We Are

The Hansen Foundation, without a doubt, embraces RECOVERY. Especially for those who suffer from substance use disorders, their families and friends.  More than Sober Living, our Serenity Houses and Serenity Estates:

  • help addicts access treatment;
  • promote healthy and sustainable life choices and
  • reunite families.

Accordingly, our Hope Farm and Community Education Programs introduce a holistic approach to wellness and productive living.  Hansen Foundation raises funds for Resident Scholarships and to supplement needs for our life-saving endeavors.

How does this tie into Enlightened Cafe?

All of the profits made at Enlightened Cafe go directly back into the Foundation to support the funds for Resident Scholarships and supplemental needs.


Cassandra Mears


Enlightened Cafe.
6414 Ventnor Avenue
Ventnor, NJ 08406 United States
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