The Story of Enlightened Farm

Welcome to Enlightened Farm! We are a nonprofit organic farm cultivating a sustainable and healing environment for all. Our roots run deep within the recovery community in New Jersey. Established under the Hansen Foundation, we collaborate with Enlightened Solutions Detox, Treatment Program, and Cafe.

We are committed to the health of not only our soil but of humanity, especially those marginalized from society due to addiction, mental illness, or disabilities. We work to nourish people through horticulture and equine programs.

Our equine programs include EAGALA Therapy and therapeutic riding for clients of Enlightened Solutions Treatment Center and riding lessons for the public community.

We have special events open to the public and trail riding on our 400 acres of land in southern New Jersey.

Our horticulture programs include sustainable agriculture, job training, and horticulture therapy. We grow organically and provide fresh produce to our partners and greater community. We hire people in recovery to provide them with financial stability and the opportunity to learn how to farm sustain-ably. We offer horticulture therapy for clients in treatment, so that they can be grounded and heal through the benefits of plants.

We hope to seed connection and grow a compassionate and supportive community here at Enlightened Farm. Please follow us on Facebook  and Instagram to learn about events, what’s growing, and ways you can get involved.

Enlightened Farm is a program made possible by The Hansen Foundation a non-profit 501(c)(3) and Enlightened Solutions.

Sustainable Agriculture

The farm is committed to sustainable agriculture to produce fresh organic produce and egg production. We invite groups to tour our farm including schools!  We are committed to caring for our animals and plants holistically, free from pesticide use or antibiotics. In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. We also compost all the waste both animal and food waste from Enlightened Solutions!

Equine Programs

Our equine therapy program consists of certified equine therapists working with clients based on their specific goals.  The program is available to those in recovery and treatment centers.  We offer both mounted and non-mounted therapy groups depending on the needs of the individual. ) We offer on 400 acres of land, various equestrian competition events throughout the year.

We have a cross country course that is open for schooling for $15 per rider.  We will hold horse shows open to the community as well as hunter paces throughout the year.