Everyone will leave an impact on another’s life.  It’s up to YOU to decide how much of one we want to make.  By including The Hansen Foundation in your will or estate plan, YOU WILL SUPPORT those recovering from substance use disorder,…… YOU WILL SUPPORT the sons and daughters of our clients who look forward to having a healthy parent present in their lives; YOU WILL SUPPORT our client’s mothers and fathers who now have hope that their sons and daughters will have a chance to participate in life’s promise; YOU WILL SUPPORT the husbands, wives and friends who are praying for the miracle of change in their loved one’s lives.

Please help The Hansen Foundation carry forward it’s legacy of helping make recovery a possibility for the many men and women suffering from the problems of addiction who are working hard to put their lives back together and become healthy, happy and productive citizens.

If you need assistance contact Lisa Whitley, Executive Director, at 609-968-3873 or lwhitley@hansenfoundationnj.org



To make The Hansen Foundation the recipient of your estate planning, select one of the following beneficiary plans:

  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainders
  • Gift of Retained Life Estate
  • Bequest in a Will
  • The Hansen Foundation Named Beneficiary to Retirement Plan Percentage


An appreciated stock donation (held for more than one year)  provides the donor the ability to not pay capital gains tax on the transaction and to deduct the charitable stock for the full fair market value of the stock.


A gift of a percentage of your retirement fund or life insurance policy can be left to The Hansen Foundation.   Tax savings to your estate and its heirs can be achieved through retirement fund gifts.  The Hansen Foundation can be identified as a life insurance beneficiary.